I Saw Chixdiggit Live 1998 Demo

by The Hextalls

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    This was the first album we ever did. It was recorded on a 4 track cassette, but somehow magically got converted into this master CD. I dont have the original artwork anymore, but it was a cartoon drawing of Ron Hextall doing the splits like KJ Jansen of Chixdiggit. It was the best thing drawn in the history of the world. It was drawn by a young man named Byron Dauncey.
    Byron Dauncey drew awesome shit like that, and made songs like summer of nothing with his band, Jiz Wiz.
    As far as post processing and audio quality of this record..... there has been nothing added. Troi poison, who recorded this, probably made that joke in his mind a million times, as he had to endure 3 hours of me yelling "Jiz Wiz Is Where My Heart Will Always Be".
    Despite what your ears might tell you, every single note you hear is exactly how we played it, live, in front of a piss yellow washing machine in a basement.
    That's a reference to a face to face live album that I bought that has the same disclaimer. I digress.
    I am going to start numbering things to get back on track.
    1) This album was recorded in a basement, on a 4 track cassette, in Kamloops, BC.
    2) Kamloops, BC, is in Canada. The drums, the peavey amp/guitar, and karaoke machine vocals were all recorded right beside a piss yellow washing machine in our friends basement. I imagined that Cam (lived in the basement, got Kicked out of the Vermins) used to bang his girlfriend on that washing machine.
    3) Cam (Vermins) was a punk rock legend in Kamloops, BC, Canada. He was most known for being in a band that sang about squirrels and he liked Ghostbusters a lot.
    4) Cam went on to marry his girlfriend (he got kicked out of the Vermins) and they moved Alberta, where he now bangs her inside of a dinosaur park where they work.
    5) Cam (Vermins RIP) wrote one of the best songs that I have ever heard in my life called "Roadkill Victim". In 1998, most punk bands did a ska song or two. The Vermins took that shit to the next level with shouty shit like " POOR LITTLE SQUIRREL" choruses between the slow, sad parts.
    6) I am pretty sure that while this record was being recorded, Cam went upstairs, put on my friends Screeching Weasel t-shirt, and puked on his own cock.
    7) The Vermins turned into a metal band not too long after this cassette album was sold to 4 people at a Kamloops Punk Rock Record store run up a long flight of stairs by a man named Dennon Stein (Who preordered me "Born on the First of July").
    8) One day when Cam went to work at Subway, we went into the basement with a punk rock recording skeleton crew. We saw,that Cam had a Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, but he didn't have Wonderboy, so we decided to record an album instead.
    9). Troy poison played the same bass riff for me a bunch of times and pit it in all the songs. He also sings the last one about how he likes porno. He had the largest collection of VHS porn I had ever seen. One time he hit me in the face with my microphone during a live show. We kicked him out and asked Cam to play with us after that.
    10). Troy recorded all this bullshit because he was out of his god damned mind.
    The rest is history.
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released 04 March 1998



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